Identify and update your drivers for free

3DP Chip is utility software that identifies devices in your operating system, and aids in downloading and updating drivers. A must-have app for any end-user who is keen on keeping their system and hardware up to date, 3DP displays the information of devices such as CPU, motherboard, video card, sound card, and ethernet card.

Offering driver download from its own trusted database, 3DP Chip is an excellent way to communicate with your OS and determine what needs to be installed. It’s a helpful means of troubleshooting and identifying drivers that weren’t properly detailed via conventional means. This app is lightweight and safe and is a great way to simplify a critical process, especially since the app is completely free. Another similar free app you can try is Snappy Driver Installer Origin.

Detect your devices, link to their page

Knowing the nuts and bolts of your computer used to be less important – details meant for IT or for PC jockeys trying to overclock their system and push their rig to their limits. With the rise of Internet culture and the veritable explosion of new hardware readily available for online purchase, maintaining a limited understanding of your own computer is becoming increasingly important.

A PC can crash for any number of reasons, and the first step in identifying what could have caused the issue is knowing what you’re working with. Do you have enough RAM? Is your video card up to date? What temperatures can your motherboard withstand before auto-shutting off? 3DP Chip eliminates the headache of searching the web for correct drivers and is designed to help you identify and reinstall the trouble spots.

You can open 3DP Chip at any time and have it quickly scan your machine’s components. When the scan is complete, it provides a detailed readout of your exact hardware, like an amped-up version of a standard DXDiag. It then enables you to enumerate your chosen devices and download the latest device drivers with just a few easy clicks.

3DP Chip automatically detects and displays pertinent information regarding your CPU, motherboard, video card, and sound card. Users can also elect to copy this information directly to the clipboard, making Google searches for your particular hardware all the easier. This is especially important when searching up device names that have excessive numerical characters and can easily be mistyped or misspelled, or when sharing your rig information to a forum.

The copy and paste functionality is also useful in the event that you are communicating with an IT professional. Being able to quickly send information about your hardware is much easier than having to search through your Windows settings to find it, or dig up the original box your power supply came in. It also makes it easy to input the product info into Amazon so you can purchase a replacement or find a similar counterpart.

The process is done efficiently and without taxing your machine, whereas normally it would require examination of a pool of your previously installed Ethernet cards. Once your Internet connection is reestablished, you can follow through with the more enticing angle of 3DP Chip’s capabilities: Downloading drivers for any component needing an upgrade. The app automatically provides links to a specific driver’s homepage, ensuring that you can quickly download directly from the source.

The results of driver updates are shown to the user as a series of download links. Its interface is easily navigated, with folders divided to simplify searching for network cards, display cards, or motherboards. 3DP ensures that you’re able to quickly and easily link to the company you purchased your driver from. Once there, you can download the latest drivers and resume work with a computer ready to surmount the newest challenges and adapt to the latest demands.

In addition to identifying drivers and helping to download updates, 3DP Chip is also a good way to uncover drivers that may have been previously lost. The app remembers what you used to use, similar to the way a System Restore keeps Restore Points in case you need to revert. Admittedly, however, the app doesn’t do significantly more than what your own Windows settings intrinsically tell you.

While the interface is simple in its execution, it is lacking in iconography, meaning there’s a slight learning curve the first time you use the app. There are no hover explanations, either, so you’ll just have to click the buttons to see what they do, relying on trial and error. Another caveat is that, while it links to the proper website for any given driver download, it may not automatically use your default browser or search engine.

3DP Chip vs Snappy Driver Installer Origin

While the gripes with 3DP Chip are minimal, there are alternatives on the market if you’re looking for the same functionality elsewhere. Of the 25+ other options, one that’s frequently compared to 3DP Chip is Snappy Driver Installer Origin. Also a free product, Snappy Driver is a portable, open-source Windows tool that installs and updates drivers.

Like 3DP Chip, Snappy Driver also offers offline installation options and safely installs drivers from a bundle. Since the core functions of either app are inherently similar, the two have little difference. Whichever app you end up going with will likely come down to your personal preference of the UI.

An efficient tool to update drivers

The main purpose of 3DP Chip is not so much that it provides an otherwise unattainable service – it’s more that it makes the process more intuitive and less prone to accidents, such as mistyping or visiting the wrong site for updates. Since it’s free and lightweight there’s little reason not to try this product. Give it a try and see if it helps you expedite the updating process of your PC.