Yamaha Exciter 150Detail Check & Test Ride Review

It is a popular 150cc underbone vehicle in Thailand and Vietnam, the engine is equipped with the same type of SOHC 4 valve water cooling engine as the “YZF-R15”, transmission is equipped with 5 speeds! This is a desirable model for commuting wearing a luxurious equipment with a single shock rear suspension, a front and rear disc brake, and a lamp that adopts LEDs on a lightweight body less than 120 kg.

The design also adds the essence of Yamaha’s flagship sports “YZF-R1”, and it is finished in a very sporty design! I have not seen this model in the city quite easily, so I tested it quite excitingly.

Exciter 150 is “cool and fast” looking!

First, let’s look at the whole. The periphery of the headlight looks like a CUB, but the body part is sharp and really cool. The raised tail makes me exciting. Anyway the good look of the body.

When a person who does not know the bike sees it, they can say “it must be fast!” Even when running, it gathers people’s attention. Is it modern feeling with “edgy” from the front to the tail? Or it might be a trend of Asian motorcycle.

It is recommended for those who like designs different from others and those who like to constantly take a sporty riding even on commuter vehicles.

Long seat that can sit comfortably even when it is hard


The coloring is a combination that is unified with the body color, the main is blue and the passenger part is black.

The first impression when first sitting was “Seat is hard…” those who takes longer commuting distance may be comfortable if a seat cushion is installed separately.

However, due to the punched material, it has a good point it’s hard to slip. There is no feeling of stress such as “slide in front” when braking or not stable anyhow when riding with jeans etc.! You can concentrate on driving as you can sit with a solid grip.

Also, in Asian countries, passenger riding is usual (sometimes three people riding can be seen …!?), so, OEM seat has quite a long seat. For that reason, we do not feel cramped when passenger riding, so both the driver and the passenger can sit quite comfortably. I wanna clap my hands for this point.

Because the passenger seat material is different from the main seat, and the angle is leaned to the front descending, it is likely to slip forward.

Furthermore, it is hard to grasp the passenger grip, and if the size of your hand is a general adult male, the back of the hand hits the cowl. If you are wearing a glove with a protector, it interferes completely and you can’t hold. In that respect, the passenger may feel a bit uncomfortable, but this can also be solved once you grasp the driver.

Under seat storage is only for in-vehicle tools or ETC?

There is almost no storability. There is no luggage hook etc. on the body side, and there is no space to put things under the seat. There is an in-vehicle tool under the seat, but it reaches the limit. If you remove the in-vehicle tool, it seems that separate ETC etc can be included, but there is little margin.


It can be said to the motorcycle itself, this model isn’t thought much of storage. I recommend you to equip a rear box etc.

Riding with safe on a disc brake and 17-inch wide tires!

The brake is reliable disc brake for both front and rear. For me who usually commutes to work with a CUB with drum brake, even only this seems to be sufficiently luxurious equipment. Jealous…

Also, because it has front and rear tubeless tire, even if puncture happens in commuting by any chance, you can run a little further distance. This is also a remarkable point to use as a commuting vehicle.

Rear tire has 120 sizes and it has a relatively thick and stable feeling. Conversely, because it is a motorcycle that can run on a highway, it is uneasy if the size is narrower.

It is nice that the chain cover and the inner fender are united! Because it will also prevent muddy springs such as rainy days and splash of chain oils, we do not have to worry about dirty feet.

LED Position light is great presence!


It seems like “This is a headlight right?”, But this is a position light. LED is adopted, it is good visibility because it lights steadily bright. It also looks sharp, so it looks good too. It seems like the cool appearance of the latest super sport model!

Headlight is a normal halogen bulb. Although it’s up to you, I think that visibility and appearance will be further improved together with the position light when changing to LED. Because it is a multi-reflector, it has sufficient brightness even if it is OEM headlight.

And the LED is adopted for the tail light as well as the position. It seems to be the same size as MT-07 and YZF-R25 As a means to inform the following cars to stop, I’m pretty happy that LEDs are adopted for taillights!

It is very bright and easy to see even at a distance. this is an image taken in the room, but it was felt enough brightness even outside the daytime.

The turn signal is large and the visibility is good!

The front turn signal fits inside the cowl so it is stylish. You can also see the sophisticated design around here. Also, visibility is no problem in daytime. Although it is not an LED, it is very easy to see with the adoption of a large clear turn signal.

Clear lenses are also adopted for the rear turn signal. Although it has a sharp shape, the size is big, so visibility from the back is also good.

Easy to see and cool multifunctional meter!

The appearance of the meter is very simple, but when the key is ON, two kinds of messages “READY TO GO!” And “HI BUDDY” are displayed.

Gear position indicator is also equipped! This is remarkable function for vehicle with manual transmission.

Besides fuel gauges as well as fuel consumption are displayed, it is surprisingly multi-functional.

Since the turn signal indicator is a single light type, it works only to notice that “a blinker is blinking now”. If you press the SELECT button on the lower right, the display will change to “Odo, Trip A / B, Instantaneous Fuel Economy, Interval Fuel Economy, Average Speed”. It is a simple but practical meter.

Secure safety shutter key adoption

The key has a safe shutter for theft prevention. It helps prevent tampering with keyhole! This kind of function seems like “If equipped, it would be better.” You can open the seat from this key.

I rode on the Exciter 150!

Let’s see comparison to another staff with different height.

The first photo is me (height 180 cm). Since there is no problem with the foot grounding, there is no worry of falling etc.

I can afford to hold the handlebar, but overall it will be a little cramped. Because it became slightly shrunk posture when traveling, I did not feel so comfortable. The part below the knee hits the body part.

Next, another staff member also ride on (height 168 cm).

Since it is just in size with all patterns including a relaxed posture, a fine distance to handlebar, and foot grounding when standing, it seems that he can continue to ride without stress.

Well, I delivered the details from the entire vehicle, but how was it? It may be difficult to grasp perfectly with only pictures and letters, but it would be great if you could refer even a little.

Unexpected powerful Exciter 150!


I rode only around city. We will tell you about performance on flat roads, slopes, cornering at the crossroads, and a two-seater ride.

Flat road

Even if you open throttle from start, it will accelerate smoothly and will continue to accelerate even as you raise the gear finely, it is easy to join the flow of the traffic. It is truly an engine of the YZF-R15 series. Acceleration from 4th speed or 5th speed is also powerful, so overtaking etc is no problem. To that powerfulness, I want to open up to full throttle and run.


When riding vehicle with small displacement, I think that there are many people who suffer from deceleration on the uphill slope, It also accelerates further more while shifting gear from 1st gear to 2nd to 3rd. You seem to run without worrying about the car behind you. The more you run, the more you get into this power. It’s a nice bike ….


I went downward the slope at about 30km/h, decelerated to around 10km/h and turned right, I was able to turn quite quickly. I just turned by turning my eyes and slightly tilting my weight to the right. This is fun! Quick agility unique to small displacement volume is truly fun. In addition, because the engine revs smoothly from low rpm by plenty of torque good fuel injection adjustment, I feel no stress in the sequence of running → stopping → turning. This will be helpful on touring as well as on commuting.


Although you feel dull when start, it will give you a reasonable amount of power. There is no problem on flat road. It accelerates smoothly. Continue to go uphill. Even if it was 1 person, it acceleration powerfully even at 5th speed, but this time the power goes down. However, I did not feel power shortage to go up normally. I think that necessary and sufficient power has been demonstrated.

Well, I have been tested and reviewed about YAMAHA Exciter 150, but how was it? This is a bike which can be recommended considerably to those who want an extraordinary scooter, or ride a motorcycle with small engine but fun model.

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