Ever since the success of Tiktok, the short video has become a gold mine that big tech in the social media field all wants to grab a share. Following the steps of TikTok, Instagram kicks the door open with Reels, a copycat that allows Instagrammers to film short videos up to 60s.

Get Fbsub Net Instagram Reels Views

Criticized by many people in the beginning though, Reels now prevails among all the users on Instagram, especially among influencers and brands. They see more chances to build their social presence and promote their products.

Consequently, the increasing need for Reels views grows as fast as the need for free Instagram followers. Websites like fbsub.nets are established one after another to meet the surge in demand. However, are those free reels views really helpful? Will fbsub net Instagram reels views get your Instagram account banned? Let’s review fbsub net and similar websites to find the answer.

What Are Fbsub Net Instagram Reels Views?

Fbsub Instagram Reels Views are free reels views offered by fbsub net, a once-popular free insta.net where you can get various engagements to boost your Instagram account for free.

10 Websites Like Fbsub Net to Get Reels Views for Free:

  • igtool.com

  • increasefollower.co

  • igpanel.net

  • takipapp.com

  • takipstar.com

  • instazero.com

  • medyahizmeti.com

  • gramfollowersfree.net

  • fansreal.net

  • igfollowers.net

How Does Fbsub.Net Work?

Fbsub.de works by giving you “credits” daily in exchange for the access token to your Instagram account. The “credits” are used for getting free Instagram followers, free Instagram likes, views, reels views, etc. However, zero cost doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay. The price is to log your Instagram account to the website, which goes against Instagram’s rules.

Fbsub Net Has Been Shut Down

Hearing that, some of you must smell fishy about fbsub net. Predictably, the third-party Instagram website has been shut down. But it didn’t curb the rise of Instagram followers apps and websites like fbsub.net. Out of curiosity, our test team experimented using a similar website increasefollower.com. With first-hand experience, you’ll know the reasons why to steer clear of fbsub net and similar websites.

How to Use Fbsub Net Similar Websites to Get Free Reels Views?

Step 1: Go to fbsub net similar website increasefollowers.com.

Step 2: Increasefollowers.com login.

How to Use Fbsub Net Similar Website? - Increasefollower.com Login

Step 3: Choose “Send Reels Views”.

How to Use Fbsub Net Similar Website? - Step 3

Step 4: Enter the reels video link and click “Search Video”.

How to Use Fbsub Similar Website Increasefollower.com - Step 4

Why Should You Stop Using Websites Like Fbsub.Net?

The fall of fbsub.net Instagram is not an accident and we have found the reasons behind it.

Firstly, the fbsub net reels views are not real views, though it is true that 50 free reels views showed up on the reels view list instantly. When we clicked the name to check the viewer’s profile, only to find most of them have no avatars, no posts, no followers but tons of followings. There’s no doubt that most of them are fake reels views on Instagram.

Fbsub Net Reels Views Are Not Real Reels Views

Secondly, in the middle of nowhere, you will find that your account starts to auto follow hundreds of other Instagram accounts without your permission. This is because when you complete fbsub.net login, the free insta.net will generate an access token, which is used to control your Instagram account to follow others automatically. So next time when you open Instagram, endless strange posts will flood your feed.

Fbsub Net Login Hurts to Get Free Reels Views

Thirdly, now comes the worst thing. Your account is very likely to be banned because of this. Throughout the years, Instagram has been fighting against bot behaviors all the time. If you share your account with unauthorized Instagram third-party tools, Instagram will notice it and warn you. If you cross the line a little bit more by getting fbsub net reels views, followers, or likes, Instagram will ban your account with no mercy. Look what happens to our test account after fbsub.net similar websites increasefollowers.com login.

Fbsub Net Reels Views Are Not Safe

How to Get Free Reels Views Fast without Fbsub.Net or Similar Sites?

Due to the safety issues, you are not advised to get fbsub.net views. The tools you should try are “grow follow apps” that don’t require your Instagram password like GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

It works by using one of your rarely used Instagram accounts to get verified and follow or like others to earn coins. Then, use your coins to get free Instagram followers and likes for your main Instagram account without the need for your password. Username is required only. It is safe, fast, and unlimited. When your followers grow, your reels views will grow, too.

Key Features of GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita:

  • 100% Free. The fbsub.net alternative app GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is free to use thanks to all kinds of coin games. You can follow, like, and claim free coins to exchange free followers and likes.

  • Real followers and likes. Because the act of following or liking can not be automated, plus, everybody has to get verified, it is convincing to say all the followers and likes you get at GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita are genuine.

  • Get free Instagram followers without password. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is flexible to add 5 different accounts. Only one account will be used to go through verification. So it is possible to get Instagram followers likes for free without password for your main Instagram account.

  • Gain the same amount of free Instagram likes while getting free followers. While you get free Instagram followers, the same amount of free likes will be sent to your recent post, too.

How to Use Fbsub.Net Alternative to Get Free Followers & Reels Views?

Step 1: Download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita and install it.

Step 2: Sign up, log in, and add your Instagram username.

How to Use Fbsub.Net Alternative to Get Free Followers & Reels Views? - Step 2

Step 3: Start to earn your coins through all kinds of “Coin Games”.

How to Use Fbsub.Net Alternative to Get Free Followers & Reels Views? - Step 3

Step 4: Use your coins to get free Instagram followers and likes.

How to Use Fbsub.Net Alternative to Get Free Followers & Reels Views? - Step 4

The Bottom Line

Fbsub.net Instagram reels views sound tempting, however, according to the experiment of this blog, fbsub.net and similar websites have three problems that might kill your Instagram account. You really should steer clear of them, unless you don’t mind fake reels views and followers, Instagram password leaking, or getting the account banned.