Core Items

These essential items are crucial for optimal gameplay with Kriknak. Only deviate from the core build if you are an experienced player or have a compelling reason to do so.

Although Leviathan was effective for Kriknak before patch 14, we believe that Soulreaver now suits Scarabim better for several reasons. Firstly, Kriknak’s abilities scale off additional attack damage, unlike most other heroes who rely on base AD. This means he requires at least 1-2 items that boost his attack damage to ensure he deals significant damage. As the jungler, it’s best to prioritize acquiring these items early on to eliminate opponents. Secondly, the 15% cooldown reduction provided by Soulreaver allows Kriknak to spam his abilities, especially after landing an attack following Terrifying Plague.

Rankbreaker is an excellent addition to Kriknak’s arsenal. It not only provides armor pierce, allowing the assassin to bypass enemy defenses, but also offers movement speed, aiding his mobility across the map.

Sample Item Builds

In response to your request, Tencent, we have developed this monstrous build based on Kriknak’s scaling with “additional attack damage” after the August 2018 patch. Even with the somewhat defensive Blade of Eternity included, Kriknak will hit harder than a truck. The combination of Omni Arms, Bite passive, and Mark of Horror grants a triple bonus, resulting in a devastating 3976 damage (assuming the opponent has 6000 health and is a squishy target) after using Terrifying Plague, before accounting for armor. This calculation does not consider Fenrir’s Tooth passive or any Arcana effects. Additionally, Drone Drop will deal 3756 damage, Horn Rush will deal 2571 damage and heal for 700 per hero, and Terrifying Plague itself will inflict 2649 damage (excluding Fenrir’s Tooth and Arcana effects).

This build offers additional benefits, including 25% cooldown reduction, two revive effects, and increased rotation speed when using Rankbreaker. The combination of cooldown reduction and speed should enable you to eliminate enemies with your tremendous damage before swiftly retreating to safety.

The emphasis of this build is on a balanced combination of offensive and defensive stats. Rankbreaker and Fenrir’s Tooth contribute significantly to offensive power, providing substantial damage and aggressive passive effects. Frost Cape and Hercules’ Madness serve dual roles, enhancing Kriknak’s defense while also possessing aggressive passives. Leviathan and Sonic Boots act as fully defensive choices, boosting health and armor to allow safe penetration of enemy lines.

To gain an advantage in the early game, we rely on the damage from Soulreaver and Spear of Longinus. Even if a gank is unsuccessful, these two items ensure swift jungle clearing with their 30% cooldown reduction and high damage output. Continuing with Frost Cape brings the cooldown reduction cap to 40% (remember not to use any CDR Arcana with this build), while providing utility through its passive and offering a defensive boost in the mid game. Finally, Hercules’ Madness and Blade of Eternity serve as panic buttons, enabling Kriknak to finish off fights he initiated. If the enemy team has a significant amount of magic damage, replace Frost Cape with Medallion of Troy or Gaia’s Standard.