The Weekend Warrior hockey is specifically aimed at Tier 4 and below + RHL players that want to play spring hockey in a fun environment where players enjoy the game and PLAY a lot. This is a two-line hockey game with limited stoppages in play. Maximizing playing time while having fun! 1 minute on, 1 minute off.

Weekend Warrior Schedule

The Weekend Warrior schedule will begin on April 6th and conclude on June 16th. 10 weeks of fun hockey! 1 practice and 9 games. The main intent for the practice day is to divide the team into the strongest and the developing. P3 coaches will also go over the rules. This first session will be 2 hours long and will include all teams and players from the respective age group.

U7 Weekend Warriors – Most games Saturdays (Tenative times 7:30am-10:00am) U8 Weekend Warriors – Most games Saturdays (Tenative times 10:00am-12:30pm) U9 Weekend Warriors – Most games Saturdays (Tenative times 12:30pm-3:00pm) U10 Weekend Warriors – Most games Sundays (Tenative times 8:00am-10:00am) U11 Weekend Warriors – Most games Sundays (Tenative times 10:00am-12:30pm) U13 Weekend Warriors – Most games Sundays (Tenative times 12:30pm-3:00pm)

Weekend Warrior Team Composition

Teams will be comprised of 10 skaters and 1 goalie each. 2-line hockey! Teams will announce their A line and B line. These lines will play against each other.

  • This year all players will have numbers on their jerseys and be split into an A line (odd jersey numbers) and B line (even jersey numbers.) This will allow us to keep the games fair and have players of similar skill play against each other. This will make it easy for the referee or bench managers to spot a player who may not be out with their proper line!
  • Each age group will be given a “reserve” list of all of the Athletes from the program and can be used to fill in rosters if a team in unable to have all 10 players come to the game.
  • It is extremely important to have all 10 players present at each game.


This year we will have numbers on the players’ jerseys. Set numbers. ODD numbers signify the player is in the TOP half of the team. Even numbers tell the referee that they are on the Bottom half of the team. So we want Evens to play Evens. And Odds to play Odds.

Numbers for each team will be Odd: 95, 83, 71, 65, 59 (43 Extra jersey) and Evens: 96, 82, 74, 68, 44 (34 Extra jersey) Goalie# 97

The jerseys will need to be returned by the Manager in the same bag that they were dispersed. P3 will match the jersey numbers to players. For players that ELECT to keep the jerseys, P3 will send an additional invoice for $30.

Miss a Game:

Teams are comprised of 11 players. 2 lines of 5 skaters and a goalie. To get the most out of the program, we will be sharing the ENTIRE 4 team roster to ALL parent, not just Managers. So if you are not able to come, you can call a player from the 4 team roster to sub for you.

Dividing Teams:

P3 will now be ranking every player on all 4 teams. The FIRST skate of the year will be a ranking and game skate. All four teams will be asked to come for the two hours of ice. We will split teams as evenly as possible.

Last year we had a team that lost their mojo because they couldn’t keep up to the others. We will ensure this will not happen again.

Weekend Warrior Game Format

  • The Weekend Warrior games will feature 60 minutes in length.
  • Each game will be comprised of two half-time periods.
  • A shootout will take place in the middle of every game. (Every player will go shoot each game!)
  • Shootout goals will be added up for the 9 games and a prize given out to the team with the highest shootout success and the team with the best save percentage.

Weekend Warrior Divisions

U7 – 4 to 6 teams (40-60 players) – Goalie Gear bag for each team will be provided U8 – 4 to 6 teams (40-60 players) – Goalie Gear bag for each team will be provided U9 – 4 to 6 teams (40-60 players) – Goalie Gear bag for each team will be provided U9 – 4 to 6 teams (40-60 players) U11 – 2 to 4 teams (20-40 players) U13 – 2 to 4 teams (20-40 players)

Weekend Warrior Game Rule Changes U9-U13

  • A buzzer will go to tell teams it is time to change, but the game will continue on without stopping. This helps the A line play vs the A line which keeps the games as fair as possible.
  • Penalties: If a player receives a penalty, they will miss the remainder of their shift, plus the next shift. They will go back to their own bench and the coach will ensure that the team plays short for those shifts.
  • Off-sides – will be whistled and puck possession changed to the defending team.
  • Goalie save (covers puck) – defending team must take puck behind net, offensive team must retreat past ringette line and play will resume.
  • Goals – faceoff at center.
  • Half-time shootout – both teams will go at the same time. All 10 shooters shoot at half time. Should take 5 mins.

Weekend Warrior Game Rule Changes U7 – additions

  • Penalties: If a player receives a penalty, they will miss the remainder of their shift. The referee will skate up to the offending player and point to their bench during the play. The play will not stop.
  • Off-side rule: Players are still learning off-side, close calls will NOT be called. However, off-sides will be used for a learning experience, and the whistle will blow from the referee and the referee will yell “off-side” and the defending team will get the puck and play will begin again without a stoppage in play. Offensive players must retreat past the blueline.

Weekend Warrior “Bench Manager”

The Weekend Warrior staff will be dad’s and mom’s who want to enjoy watching the action from the bench. Feedback from coaches to players should be minimal to absent. This is for the athletes, and we want a program where they can just PLAY.

  • 2 Coaches from each team will receive a $100 discount towards their registration as well as a P3 Track Jacket!

Referee / Convenor:

The fun part of the program is to make sure players are playing against their peers for skill level. More experienced referees will permit games to STOP and player trades to be made to ensure the games are fair. There are no wins, no stats, no standings, just fair teams playing hockey.

Weekend Warrior Cost

To keep costs low, we will be ordering each team a set of jerseys that will be given back to P3 at the conclusion of the Spring season.

  • $375 per player/goalie for the season, which works out to $37.50 per session.
  • $100 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your spot on the team.
  • $275 payment will be collected by email link, sent out on February 1, 2024 payable by Feb 15.
  • Early Bird Pricing ($325 plus gst) available until December 25th!

Weekend Warrior Registration: