Pod chill is the name of an e-liquid used for e-cigarettes. Users say that the taste of pod chill is as delicious as fresh tropical fruit and especially accompanied by a euphoric effect that brings a feeling of high and full of pleasure. Pod Chill makes users feel excited and relaxed because it causes the body to release the hormone dopamine in the brain.

The product is usually extracted with a combination of small amounts of Shikigami, Ayahuasca, Salvia, Mescaline,… within control. In fact, pod chill should be used in moderation, responsibly and in control because when we use pods or e-cigarettes too much, it still affects our health.

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When used by smoking or using vape, pod chill will enter the bloodstream very quickly and create pleasure and excitement for the user after only a few seconds or minutes. The peak level will take place within 30-45 minutes and take 1-2 hours to have the effect and the user is fully awake.

For cigarettes

Users only have a feeling of light intoxication, relaxation in a short time and that’s it. Tobacco users can use whenever they feel stressed, at any place where smoking is allowed and return to work immediately.

Cigarettes contain high levels of nicotine

This substance acts as both a sedative, a stimulant and especially an addictive substance. When nicotine enters the body, it stimulates the adrenal glands to release adrenaline. Adrenaline further stimulates the body to release glucose which increases heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory activity. Nicotine also indirectly causes the brain to release a pleasurable amount of dopamine.

Therefore, when smoking, people feel intoxicated, comfortable and relaxed. Many people use tobacco for stress relief, entertainment, habitual use, and difficulty quitting. In general, the effect that cigarettes bring is light intoxication, a feeling of relaxation and just stop there.

For pod chill

The effects are quite rich, such as happiness, fun, and lightheadedness. The user can reach peak orgasm and it takes a long time to return to a normal state. Therefore, pod chill cannot be used all the time. When using pod chill, users will receive great effects, a feeling of high and satisfaction. Perception and emotions have completely changed when using pod chill.

Pod chill is delicious but still harmful!

Pod chill is considered a good smoker, but the ingredients in the pod when entering the body will cause many effects such as:

  1. Senses change, color perception seems to be brighter.
  2. Mood swings: feeling euphoric, joyful, relaxed and happy.
  3. Feeling more hungry.
  4. Feel sleepy.
  5. Unable to think and concentrate. You cannot drive, work or simply balance when using pod.

These effects bring a feeling of lightheadedness and relaxation. Many people use pod chill’s positive effects to reduce stress, treat insomnia, and regulate mood. However, if you use pod chill in excess, it can cause hallucinations and affect your health.

Pod Chill Safety Warning

There has been no assessment of the potential for lung cancer when vaping using pod chill essential oil. However, pod chill is also recommended not to be abused because it can cause nausea and dehydration, headaches and need for hospital treatment. In addition, there are also many warnings about the harmful effects of using poor quality pod chill essential oils that can cause shock and many other dangerous conditions.


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