RM talks about his house

As he began his live, RM said, “I am at home, this is my dear dear home. I want to give you a tour of the house but… it’s okay, okay? I will only show the parts that I can show. My house is like… I don’t know, it’s a little f***** up right now. As you saw in my vlog, it’s pretty dark and I turned off all the lights. And here is my favourite room. Oh no, no. There are a few brands here right now.”

RM talks about his album

When asked what he has been doing these days, RM replied, “I’m trying to feel every part of life. I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight.” He also spoke about his album Indigo. He said, “It’s been almost a year since Indigo was released. I think it’s good to hear Indigo in this kind of season before my new music. If you try, you will know.”

RM on if he feels lost and alone

Reading a fan’s question, RM said, “What do I do when I feel lost and alone? This is really piercing because I feel very lost and alone these days. And I don’t know, I always try to hold on but it’s very difficult. The only answer is to enjoy the calm and try to be friends with myself. No one can save you except you.”

He also said, “Maybe I may be heartbroken sometimes, but I can fix it. I know, I’m strong. Yes, I feel like you are hugging me. That’s why I turned on the live, to receive your hug. Let’s hug.”

RM reacts to a question on death

A person asked RM, “You wish you were dead?” He replied, “The same thing happened to me too, once. I don’t know what you’re doing, where you’re from, what your age is, but trust me, life is a lot of fun. It’s worth living. It’s worth living.” When asked about his plans for Christmas, RM said, “I don’t even know where I’ll be during Christmas.”

RM talks about his hair

During the live, RM wore a hoodie and covered his head. When fans asked him to show them his hair, he said, “Hair? I’ll show you guys tomorrow. It’s like this. Silver? Yes, it’s silver.” When a fan said, “Don’t cut your hair”, he responded, “Don’t worry there’s no more hair that I can cut.”

Jimin chats with RM

RM’s fellow BTS member Jimin also joined the live but in the comment section. He wrote, “Even in this frustrating world, we have armys with us.” RM said, “Hey Jiminah, I kept telling you to have a drink with me, but you didn’t contact me.” Jimin posted a laughing emoji and wrote, “Love you.”

RM said, “I think he’s drunk.. he’s confessing his love and everything.” Jimin commented, “Hey you said you wanted to meet (laughs). You’re right but these days I worked really hard.” RM continued, “Ah yes Jimin has been working hard on something really big.” Jimin signed off saying, “Spend time with armys and I’ll contact you. Love you. Okay.”

RM flies out of Seoul

Hours after holding the live session, RM was seen at the Seoul airport flying out of the city. As per fans, he is travelling to London. He wore a white T-shirt, brown jacket, denims, and black shoes for his travel. RM also carried a bag with him. He waved at and greeted those present at the airport.

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