There is a reason why Xingtu was released late, but it is one of the most sought-after photo editing apps by netizens today. What’s interesting, what’s special, everything will be answered in this share.

Introduce about Xingtu

The most sought-after Chinese photo editing app today!

Why is Xingtu so popular?

Xingtu is a photo editing app made by a Chinese company for Android and iOS smartphones. The TikTok trend has contributed to the popularity and spread of this app when more and more TikTok users continuously add their beautiful photos through Xingtu’s photo editing skills. As a result, this app is increasingly popular and loved by many young people.

But not just by accident, Xingtu is at its core an orthopedic app packed with beautiful, trendy, and handy features, effects, and filters that anyone can use. These properties have made Xingtu a prominent name among orthopedic enthusiasts today.

Rare simplicity

While many other orthopedic apps still make the mistake of presenting the interface too long or too brief to the point of confusing the user. Others have to go through 2-3 steps to perform a basic feature. This makes the usage process cumbersome, not instantaneous, and not minimalist. Xingtu has overcome those weaknesses.

Just swipe touch, a single touch can do the desired feature. The main and secondary features are available on the screen without having to go around or dig into the app, drag and drop the menu bar, if you want to adjust the level more or less, touch and drag left and right. The minimalist operation, and optimized interface for the mobile environment. Xingtu can therefore quickly edit any photo and produce an instant finished product with almost no waiting time.

Trendy filters

Not stopping at the basic color filters, or the filters that are too classic that any app, Xingtu is invested by the developer for a diverse, fashionable filter collection, trendy, reflecting the dynamic trend of young people. Just touch select a filter, and your photo immediately has a new style, modern, youthful and natural, not fake or harsh. This is also a big reason for Xingtu’s large user base.

Cut and graft, change the background deliciously

Usually with some photo editing apps, to change the background, or cut the details in a photo, you will more or less have to do a few sophisticated photo editing steps based on available features. But in Xingtu, you can change the background to make many different collages on pictures. You can combine clouds, remove background, remove redundant details from the image, add extra parts to the image easily and still achieve the desired effect. The finished photo is natural, does not look like a collage, and is beautiful and stable. This is the next advantage of Xingtu in the hearts of users.

Smart face editing toolkit

No longer afraid to reveal less beautiful selfies, with Xingtu, all your photos, taken far and close, selfies or taken by others will become fresher, sharper, and more thoughtful. Xingtu has a set of tools specializing in correcting facial contours in a smart, meticulous, and natural way. You are still you, but with a better version. It is important that the color of the details after editing remain consistent with the skin tone and do not become stiff like a doll, retaining the original characteristic contours of the subject. This is Xingtu’s unmatched ability compared to many other editing apps.

Freely collage

Do you have a lot of photos that you want to combine into one big picture for your own purposes? Xingtu has a tool that allows you to do jigsaw puzzles as you like. Just based on the available templates, select the image you want to use, then see the preview, you have the desired collage with many different layouts without any effort. For those of you who like to manipulate images, and like to display different types of photos, this is a very good application.

Download Xingtu APK for Android

Xingtu isn’t the best photo editing app on mobile, but it’s certainly one of the trendiest handy photo editing apps available today. To know its modern style, you should download Xingtu to your device right now.