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Amadeus di Solano:

He used to be a chemistry professor, but later joined an illegal underground scientific organization whose motive is to advance scientific knowledge through any means necessary (including human experimentation). After joining them, he became an alchemist.

Amadeus has very good manners, capable of masking his dislike towards others easily. He’s an example of someone who is polite but not kind. When he became a professor at the age of 18, he was usually looked down upon by the other teachers and students (who were a few years older than him), but none of it seemed to affect him at all.

He’s also perceived as elegant in terms of personality, attire and hobbies. However, he is slightly arrogant due to his prodigious nature, believing himself to be better and more intelligent than the lower-classes.

Some of Amadeus’s traits:

Despite partaking and contributing to human experiments in the lab, he does happen to have some qualms about whether the methods are too inhumane.

If he were to insult someone, he would never swear and use something fancy instead, like “imbecilic twatwaffle with the intellect of a rotten plum” (he wouldn’t actually say that but he would insult someone without using bad words).

May become embarassed or flustered when someone tears down his cool and stiff facade, but not to the point of uttering nonsense (he would perhaps blush a little, readjust his glasses and try to change the topic).

He doesn’t like the lower-class or unimportant people.

Some quotes:

“Please refrain from entering the lab, as… knowing my colleague, you may be hit by flying debris.”

“They are simultaneously genius and insane. I believe their intellect matches their eccentricity at a nearly 1:1 ratio.”

-about his colleague

“One time, Sybil (his colleague) had the audacity to assign me the task of… *shudders* feeding the lab rats (the human experiments). I must admit, the food given to them looks positively vile.”

“Me versus Sybil? Hm… they certainly outshine me in terms of intelligence, but as for being a rational adult… I’ll give myself that point.”

“I cannot believe that I am subjecting myself to such a filthy environment. *sigh* However, it can’t be helped.”


Sybil- believes them to be insane and is sometimes annoyed, sometimes amused by their antics

Lev- an old lover he had, whom he abandoned to join Sybil’s underground scientific group. Amadeus has tried to move on from him, but sometimes his regret keeps him awake at night


D&D moral alignment: Lawful evil

Public opinion: Respected